Facundo Cabral On Sadness And Distraction

Facundo Cabral on sadness and distraction

Argentine singer-songwriter Facundo Cabral was known for sharing his way of thinking with the rest of the world through deep reflection. He sent warm messages through satire, anarchism, social criticism and optimism. During his performances, he often quoted the likes of Whitman Borges, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Jesus, Mother Theresa and Krishnamurti. One of his best-loved performances was titled “You’re Not Depressed, You’re Distracted.”

During the dictatorship period in Argentina, he was exiled, so he moved to Mexico. During his career he has performed in approximately 165 countries. His most successful concerts were those he performed with Alberto Cortez, who described Cabral as “a controversial figure who invented himself”.

In his message, “You’re not depressed, you’re distracted,” Cabral reflected on sadness, a state of mind that overcomes us all from time to time. Sadness manifests as a form of blindness, which distracts us from enjoying the richness and beauty of the world around us.

Distracted from life

During this performance, Cabral invites us to reflect on this with ourselves, saying: “Distracted from the life that surrounds you… You have a heart, a brain, a soul and a mind, how can you keep your arm and feel unhappy? Distracted from the life around you… dolphins, forests, oceans, mountains, rivers…”

Facundo Cabral

He emphasized: “Do not fall victim to the same as your brother, he who suffers for one person in a world where there are 5,600,000,000 others. It’s not so bad to live alone: ​​I’m doing quite well; I can decide for myself what I want to do at any time of the day. And thanks to my solitude, I know myself, which is fundamental to life.”

To top it all off, he said, “That’s why you think you’ve lost something, which is impossible since everything is given to you. You didn’t make any hair on your head yourself. That’s why you can’t own anything. In addition, life takes nothing from you, it frees you from things, it makes you lighter, so that you can fly higher, so that you can achieve wholeness.”

The Generosity of Facundo Cabral

Facundo Cabral was a man who shared his experiences with the masses through sarcasm and his intelligent and ingenious mind. The audience loved it and it helped them to redefine their lives, in an authentic and original way.

It is clear from his exhibitions that he saw life above all else as a learning experience. “From cradle to grave, life is a school. Therefore, the things you call problems are actually lessons. And life is dynamic, so it’s constantly moving. Therefore, you should focus your attention only on the present. There are so many things to enjoy, and our journey through life is so short, that suffering is a complete waste of time.”

Facundo Cabral

He referred to death in the following way: “You have not lost anyone. The person who died has just moved on to where we are all going. And the best part of them, their love, remains in your heart. Death does not exist, only move on, and on the other side there are a lot of wonderful people waiting for you: Gandhi, Michelangelo, Whitman, Saint Augustine, Mother Teresa, your grandmother, and my mother, who believed that poverty is the closest you can get. with love, because money distracts us from far too many things.”

How to find happiness

Cabral was like an apostle of love, preaching from the rooftops about his disagreement with the establishment. He was a true pacifist, who would never see violence as a solution to anything. A secluded and happy being, accompanied by good literature and good music, who made his own creations.

He encouraged the idea of ​​always following your heart: “You can’t find happiness when it’s so easy! All you have to do is listen to your heart before your thoughts intervene, which are shaped by memories, which complicate everything with old things, with the ways of the past, with prejudices that poison and imprison. Our thoughts divide, impoverish; thus our minds do not accept life as it is or how it should be. Only do what you love and you will be happy.”

It proposed the idea that happiness is a right: “Make peace with yourself, stand in front of the mirror and think to yourself that the being you see before you is a creation of God. And decide at that moment to be happy, because happiness is obtained, it is not something that just blows in from the outside. And being happy is not a right, it is a must, because if you are not happy yourself, you will also make everything around you bitter.”

Facundo Cabral

Other Teachings

About terminal illness, Cabral said: “If you have cancer or AIDS, two things can happen, and both are good. If this disease beats you, it frees you from your body, which can be so annoying: I’m hungry, I’m cold, I’m tired, I want, I’m right, I have doubts. And if you win, you will be more humble, more grateful, and therefore more easily happy, free from the incredible weight of guilt, responsibility and vanity. Ready to experience every moment more deeply, as it should be.”

About our inner light, he said, “Fear distracts us from love, which is wise and brave, because it knows that there is no measure system or end. Look inside yourself and the clouds will disappear from your field. Be still and listen to the wisdom within.

Once your inner light is turned on, nothing can turn it off. It is perfect and imperishable, like gold, which symbolizes the power of purity, of that which is essential: that is, of the mind. It is an infinite and wonderful journey, as your mind is flooded with joy every time you live to the fullest.”

Facundo Cabral

About the ego and innocence, Facundo Cabral had this to say: “Miracles happen when you leave your ego. Then, without resistance, you will recover your natural strength. This is how you can bring love into life until you can walk on water and heal with your words. The ego names all things, but the innocence sees them; the ego judges them, but innocence experiences them; the ego divides, but innocence reconciles disagreements; the ego is dependent on our thoughts; but innocence depends on the heart.”

Now you have all the pieces of the puzzle, and all you have to do is take up the challenge: “Now that you are alone and quiet, forget who you are, because that is a creation of others, and listen to your heart. What do you want to be? What do you want to do right now?… Because life is now.”

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