Don’t Let The Past Take Away Too Much From The Present

Don't let the past take away too much from the present

There is a saying that there are two kinds of people in this life: those who order their books from largest to smallest and those who don’t, those who need ten alarms to wake up, or those who can wake up with one alarm. be wide awake. And, why not, people who constantly look back on the past and people who cling to the proverb ‘carpe diem’.

The ideal, however, is probably, as Aristotle said, in the middle. The story of your past deserves to be remembered, no matter how bad it may have been in your eyes. And you should take advantage of the present by acting wisely, trusting in what you can build for tomorrow.

Don’t be chained by the past

If you are someone who worries too much and too often about the past instead of living in the here and now, start looking for a way to free yourself. When the blows of the past have completely overwhelmed us, it can be extremely difficult to recover from them and look forward with confidence.

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Each of us has a different past and only we can judge the extent to which it has affected us. You may have noticed how what is the worst time of your life for you may not mean much to someone else and vice versa. We’ve all felt chained to a situation, paralyzed by circumstances we thought we couldn’t handle and yet we finally managed to deal with it, and so can you.

At other times, negative events don’t stop us, they do the opposite. We’ve had such good times that we find it hard to imagine that there is anything better. However, you are the only person who is able to take the reins of your life and create moments that can make you happy in the present.

The present is a new opportunity

The present is your big chance. The present gives you the opportunity to give your past the place it deserves and to open yourself up to new experiences.

The present is the ideal opportunity to meet new people who will enrich you as a person and give you the energy and life you long for. It’s a matter of no longer looking at where you once felt comfortable and instead taking advantage of a new chapter that will help you put an end to moments that hurt you.

Time heals all the wounds of the past, it forces you to forgive that which you never thought you could forgive, it forces you to confront loss, it shows you how precious those fleeting moments of happiness really are, and above all else, time teaches you to look at today and tomorrow.

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You don’t have to lose the past to change things

When we talk about ‘leaving behind’ your past, we don’t mean that you should forget it: it is good to remember that you have a past, because it is your story and you should not lose it. We just want to say that you should only return to the past if it will add something to your present.

It is important that the past does not take away too much from the present because everything has its time and place. You must never forget what you have learned from your previous steps, but you must keep walking.

The present is invaluable because it is always an unformed phase that belongs solely and completely to you. To avoid feeling that today is empty and meaningless, let that day build itself up with you. Be who you really want to be and accept who you once were and are no longer. 

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