Don’t Forget To Smile Every Day!

A day without laughter is a day wasted. Maybe this sounds like an ad for a dentist. But scientists have provided evidence that the cerebral cortex releases electrical stimuli one second after we start laughing. When we laugh, the brain sends out a signal that triggers the release of endorphins. That, in turn, produces a sense of inner well-being and comfort. In addition, it soothes pain and helps to balance our vitality. So why not smile every day?

Laughter is a natural relaxation tool and can be considered a kind of meditation. When we laugh, we enter a space where mind and time do not exist. The mind lives on expectations and the laughter goes beyond that. Like meditation, it puts us in a timeless state where we disconnect and forget all our worries.

Laughter is so therapeutic that it has its own branch of psychology: laughter therapy. This is a method that focuses on using laughter to produce certain emotional states. It cannot officially be considered a type of therapy because it does not cure disease by itself. But it can help, for example, to counteract the negative effects of anxiety. In addition, it can reduce the intensity of negative feelings such as sadness.

The benefits of laughter therapy

Laughter therapy helps to defuse situations in life and develop an optimistic and competitive attitude. People who participate in laughter therapy learn to see themselves, their environment and their possibilities in a better light. That’s why situations that “make us laugh uncontrollably” are so irresistible.


According to this technique, we are supposed to laugh for at least one minute three times a day. That may seem very little, but it is enough to notice changes in your quality of life. This is because it is a great preventative measure to avoid unwanted emotional states. Laughter therapy allows us to release stress (lowering cortisol levels) and have a better attitude when faced with problems in our lives.

Many studies have shown that laughter is beneficial for health. It helps to improve your immunity. In addition, it also supports psychological balance. Need more arguments to try laughter therapy? What are you waiting for?

Laughter frees us from depression

One of the best ways to fight depression is to use your sense of humor. It is much easier to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings when we view them through the positive filter of humor. Remember that the way we interpret the facts has much more to do with our mood than with the facts themselves.


Laughter therapy is thus a beneficial and effective technique that complements therapy to treat depression. When we laugh, we feel happier, calmer, more relaxed and at ease. We mentioned before that it produces endorphins on a chemical level. They make us feel better. To put it in the words of Pablo Neruda, genuine laughter is a mirror of our inner self. So living your life with humor is an excellent way to take care of your health.

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