Doing The Right Thing Despite Disappointments

Doing the right thing despite disappointments

It is said that doing the right thing means forgetting yourself and sacrificing yourself for others. However, this is not always true. It is possible to do the right thing with integrity without abandoning yourself, while at the same time taking into account the well-being of those around you.

We may want the best for everyone, but we must also act in a way that is consistent with our own inner voices and morals.  If we don’t, this would be contradictory to our true essence. And this would really be a blow to our self-image, our identity.

Some disappointments make us open our eyes and close our hearts. These disappointments are accompanied by a form of pain that forces us to be more careful. However, never allow these kinds of disappointments to make you unable to do the right thing. This idea is somewhat like a statement by Saint-Exupéry in The Little Prince : “It would be insane to hate all roses because one rose pricked you.”

You shouldn’t hate the world just because you’re ever disappointed. And you shouldn’t change your philosophy for life either because you’ve been through a few disappointments, or maybe even a lot. You can be careful, clothe yourself with a shield of watchfulness, but never overwhelm yourself with hatred and resentment. It is not worth it.

I will always keep trying to do the right thing, even if I may be disappointed

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We all have more than one personal story that is marked by disappointment. Some disappointments hurt more than others and some have even caused us to lose the original innocence with which we came to this earth.

It is said that at some point even the most loving heart gets tired of being constantly hurt. However, no matter how often we get hurt, we should always try to love the people who really deserve our love.

In life we ​​invest our time, our emotions, dreams and hopes in achieving certain goals. Sometimes these are just aspirations. Sometimes we invest part of our lives in people who let us down at some point.

When we really want something and eventually lose it, we are struck by disappointment and emptiness. We not only lose that relationship, that dream, but also let a part of ourselves go.

The greatest danger that disappointments pose is that they can leave us at the mercy of hopelessness and helplessness. There is something that has not been adapted to our expectations, that has not turned out as we expected. And this hurts, so much so that we can get the feeling that everything we do will eventually produce the same result.

Often, failures and disappointments arouse negative emotions in us such as rage, anger, resentment, and frustration. Any negative emotion that is chronically perpetuated over time can change our view of life and the people around us and make us question whether there are any good people in this world at all.

We should never allow these kinds of extreme thoughts to take over us, thoughts that completely destroy our values. When we lose our values, we lose everything. And if you lose the ability to do the right thing by thinking it’s not worth it after all, you won’t be yourself anymore. At some point you won’t even recognize yourself when you look in the mirror.

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Practice the habit of acceptance

You should accept everything that you are going through in your life, whether it is good or bad. Process it and keep moving forward as lightly as possible. When you hold onto grudges, you will slow down. If you hold on to anger, you will be in need of revenge. If there is hatred in you, you will stand still and completely lose the ability to do the right thing, as well as the ability to generate happiness.

All of us in life are nothing more than fleeting passers-by on a path where those who bear the least burden and who are free from hatred or resentment can enjoy the journey with greater wisdom and integrity.

We know it’s not always easy to face disappointment. However, we must not allow the negative behavior of others to become so deeply ingrained in us that it eventually changes our very core. That this behavior causes us to become convinced that good people no longer exist or that only good people end up getting hurt.

How to overcome disappointments and continue to trust ourselves and those around us

Note how you can protect yourself from disappointments on a daily basis:

  • Try to live in the ‘here and now’ . Focus on the present without creating exaggerated expectations about what should happen or what will happen. Float with the flow of life.
  • Accept that disappointments are part of life and that we should try to learn from them. Do not allow disappointments to turn you into something that you are not.
  • Understand that you have no control over what others do, whether it is good or bad. You know yourself and know what and who you are and you know that doing the right thing belongs to your essence, to your core.
  • Believe in others until they prove you wrong. Allow yourself to trust. You carry experiences and generosity in your heart and you deserve to always seek the best in people. If you try to build a close relationship with someone and at the same time hold onto resentment, you will only find rejection in the end.
  • See disappointment as an opportunity for renewal.  It’s an experience and a clear example of what you don’t want to repeat. Never lose your ability to do the right thing, no matter how many times you are disappointed, no matter how many times you have failed.
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