Discover Leo Tolstoy’s Best Quotes

Discover Leo Tolstoy's Best Quotes

It is always a good time to read quotes from Leo Tolstoy. We then get the opportunity to imagine a certain lifestyle from the past. It also allows us to get to know one of the most important Russian novelists.

Leo Tolstoy was an interesting figure. He was an anarchist who was very often tormented by his own ideas and the realism he embraced. In addition, Tolstoy was worshiped in many corners of the world. He also managed to instill a strong traditional moral in all his novels.

Leo Tolstoy’s Best Quotes

Let’s read some of Leo Tolstoy’s best quotes. They have the power to inspire us. This Russian writer was born in the 19th century. He wrote great historical novels such as  Anna Karenina and  War and Peace. He was a vegetarian and a strong proponent of alternatives other than violence to resolve conflicts.

It is absolutely worth the effort to read his excellent novels. Before embarking on such a journey, however, you should read some of Leo Tolstoy’s best quotes. They are filled with the Russian realism that has served humanity in the past and will continue to do so in the present and in the future.

Leo Tolstoy's Best Quotes

Learn to be happy

Leo Tolstoy has not revealed anything new with this quote. We do indeed have some degree of influence over the things that happen around us. The degree of influence we have on our thoughts and emotions is even greater.

Often we cannot change certain situations. However, we  can  change our perspective. We can look for opportunities in other places. They are places we thought were empty.

The Importance of Faith

A man of great conviction like Leo Tolstoy had a special place in his life for faith. However, his beliefs were not limited to religion. Instead, they were part of several situations in which faith plays a fundamental role either as a burden or as a motivation.

Tolstoy believed strongly in anarchism, vegetarianism and peace. He also had firm beliefs. He put his trust in it. He found strength in that.

Feeling misunderstood

It is not easy to have our own ideas and strongly believe in them. Many people feel misunderstood. They are more likely to put aside their beliefs and adapt to the society in which they live.

Should we do that or should we stand by our beliefs and live a lonelier life? We invite you to think about that question.

Feeling misunderstood

The right order of doing things

What is the point of ideology, faith, religion or country if you have nothing to eat? So before we talk about philosophy, literature and other similar subjects, wouldn’t it be better to end world hunger? That’s how Leo Tolstoy saw it.

A matter of priorities

This is one of Leo Tolstoy’s quotes that fits perfectly with the previous one. Equality and a fair distribution of wealth were two very important things to Tolstoy.

To be civilized and evolved, Tolstoy believed this: we must first ensure that our basic needs are met so that we can then focus on achieving greater goals.


For Tolstoy, the perfect marriage is a marriage in which both partners go in the same direction. However, when one partner decides to take a different path, it can damage what they have built with love.


This is by far the most beautiful quote by Leo Tolstoy. So greatness is not based on power or money but on humility, generosity and honesty. 

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