Dealing With Envy Of Others

Dealing with the envy of others

Some people just want to see the world burn. They are full of envy. If you’re not careful, they’ll pour gasoline on you before you even know why. These venomous people set the fires of evil in you just by opening their mouths. Yes, dealing with envy from others is extremely difficult.

They love to dig into your wounds to make them bigger and cause more damage than your daily life already does. They enjoy belittling others so that they can feel greater about themselves.

These people can only be happy if they are better at everything than others. And if they aren’t, they’ll make you think they are. But it’s up to you whether you give off that spark that sets everything on fire because they dumped gasoline everywhere.

They want you to burn with envy

Nothing you do, say, or think will be good enough for them, much less compared to what they have said, done, or thought. They simply believe that by making you feel inferior, they themselves will be better than you. But remember, this will only happen if you allow it.

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They will only succeed in making you burn with envy if you value and care about their opinion. But the things they say can only affect you if you choose to believe them and put your self-esteem in their hands.

They know that everyone has flaws, that everyone wants to improve or change something about themselves. Nobody is perfect, not even her. They take advantage of this to make other people feel bad. Our insecurities are their fuel.

When they soak you with gasoline just to make you burn with envy, it’s you who decides whether you offer them a match or not. Remember, their words can only touch you if you decide to believe them.

It can’t burn if you don’t accept it

Your sense of self should come from within yourself. Just as your emotional balance shouldn’t be in someone else’s hands, neither should your self-esteem. Always remember that the words of others say more about their own flaws than about your own.

Your definition and acceptance of yourself need not be based on the opinions of others. Never accept the scathing criticism of someone who makes no effort to contribute anything constructive. If anyone wishes to burn you until you are just a pile of ashes, he will have to do more than soak you with gasoline, for this alone will not give off a spark, and then you cannot burn.

If someone has good intentions, he won’t pour loads of criticism and vile comparisons on you. People who love and appreciate you will only criticize you if they have a reason to. And besides criticizing, they will suggest ways to improve with the aim of making you stronger, and they will never burn you down.

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Don’t match them and don’t give them power

It’s easy to tell you not to match them or increase their power, but it’s clear that it’s incredibly hard to live with people who belittle you and question every step you take. Their goal is to pulverize you to dust so that with the first breath of wind there is nothing left of you.

They belittle you, tell you that you are nothing. That they are the most attractive, smartest, kindest, and hardest working. When confronted with this, you might say that yes, they are the best at everything, but there is no need to compare yourself to them because you are happy with what you have.

Perhaps they could even win by making realistic comparisons. And of course you don’t have everything, of course there will always be people who are better at everything because everything can always be better, but being satisfied with yourself is one of the best feelings there is, and you should not let anyone take this away from you.

Just because they haven’t learned to love themselves doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from loving yourself. Everything they do, they do because they are the ones burning with envy. All you can do is hope that one day they will learn to love themselves as you love yourself, and above all, that they will learn that they will not feel better when the rest of the world burns, but when they start to love the world. keep it exactly as it is. 

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