Children With Disabilities And Its Impact On Their Families

Children with disabilities and its impact on their families

Nine times out of ten a new family member is a blessing. Everyone is preparing for the little one and ready to congratulate the happy parents. That tenth time, the situation is really no longer so ideal. In some cases, something unexpected happens or a certain problem occurs that we cannot ignore. For example, the birth of children with disabilities.

We would like to state that problems are never the children ‘s  fault . We are therefore going to talk about the effects that certain disabilities in a child can have on his social environment.

Understanding how the news and the birth itself affects the family is essential to meeting the additional challenges. Read on to learn more about this!

Children with disabilities and its influence on family dynamics

First  , children with disabilities can influence the different family members and the relationships between them. We have to keep in mind that these conditions can present different obstacles at different stages of life. This can lead to mounting tensions between family members.

If these tensions are not understood and properly managed, it is not surprising that all kinds of conflicts can arise. For example, the parents may become more distant and less able to communicate with each other. This, in turn, can lead to a vicious cycle of discomfort that is difficult to end.

Children with disabilities

Another possible outcome is that  conflicts arise with the child. This happens, for example, when the parents want to protect the child too much or when their autonomy is otherwise limited.

As a result, a parent can no longer see the child’s abilities and abilities that are unaffected. Thus, they will also fail to notice that a degree of independence is entirely possible.

There can also be a problem between siblings. These problems can arise if the parents impose more responsibilities on the siblings without restrictions. Such a difficult situation can also result in a sense of shame and denial among the siblings.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. This situation can also influence the family in a positive way. It can strengthen family ties and bring people closer together. In other words, it can improve everyone’s resilience.

Children with disabilities and its impact on social and work environments

Although society continues to advance,  there are still many misunderstandings about people with disabilities today. These people are still rejected.

A consequence of this is that families or children with disabilities quickly isolate themselves. Many have few people in their social circle and do not participate in leisure activities.

This can also play a role in a work environment. If family members think that their new family situation cannot be reunited with their work situation, they may resign.

Even though they do this with the best of intentions (for their family), it can still become a source of tension. This is because such a dismissal can significantly damage the well-being of this family member and the financial situation.

Child with his mother

Children with disabilities and its influence on the health of family members

All of the above does not have the same effect on everyone. However, as you might imagine,  these family, social, work, and financial situations can affect the health of the family. This is especially true for those who take responsibility for the care of someone with a disability.

Excessive responsibility for caring for someone with a disability can create an emotional burden on primary caregivers. It is therefore to be expected that emotions such as sadness, anger, fear or even guilt about the current situation arise in these people.

However, the effects do not exist in a psychological vacuum. The caregivers may also feel more physically tired and exhausted more quickly. This can also lead to health problems.

As we mentioned earlier, having children with disabilities can present many obstacles. However, these can be converted into favorable situations if we know how best to deal with them.

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