Can You Change Your Personality?

Can you change your personality?

We tend to think that we are made up a certain way, that this has not changed since we came into the world and that it is impossible to change. However, we have the ability to make certain changes in our personality and transform ourselves into better people in order to build lasting relationships. It’s just a matter of putting yourself out there.

It is our language that contributes to that idea of ​​immutability. The verb ‘to be’ acts as a condemnation. Because ‘being’ implies an essence that can always be defined in a different way, cast in a new form with new edges.

Personality is forged over time

Contrary to what you may think, your personality is not a static or immobile entity. Instead, it can be shaped by external stimuli and everything that happens around you. From the moment you are born, you start developing habits, experiences and even traumas that forge your character.

The truth is that your attitude usually stays the same or at least stays the same as the years go by. And you’re going to think that your personality is set in stone and, like a tattoo, stays the same forever.

Personality Change

But the good news is that you have the opportunity to change the traits you don’t like, and improve the relationship you have with yourself and others. While it’s easier to move pieces of your personality around when you’re a child or teenager, you can also see positive results in adulthood.

While you may think it’s impossible “at your age” to change, we encourage you to think again before you start to believe in this belief. Maybe the changes aren’t that overwhelming or tangible, but things will change nonetheless. You can be sure of that. These small interventions in your personality can help you live a happier life and become a better person.

Small changes in your personality bring happiness

It is not necessary to suffer from a severe personality disorder to go to the therapist and adjust your attitude to your environment. Changes are positive and necessary. We cannot always remain rooted in the same place. Memorize the phrase “be like a flowing river” and apply it to your daily life.

Or are you still exactly the same person you were two, five or ten years ago? And we’re not talking about your height, weight, or experiences here. We also do not refer to the studies you have completed or the achievements you have achieved. What you liked in your youth are not the same things as the things you like today, and vice versa. So why do we hold on to the idea that our personality doesn’t change either?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Can I change my personality?” it may be because the way you behave is destroying your relationship with others or with yourself. You have already taken the first step to improve yourself… Congratulations! Now you are entering the stage where you probably don’t like asking for help or getting advice from others, yet it will definitely help you achieve your goal.

Personality Change

Most people who are in the same situation want to change a specific characteristic of their personality.  We don’t mean that you have to become someone completely different from the person you are right now. We are talking about improving certain aspects that are not entirely positive.

The people you love may have noticed that you are a little selfish. Or that you are easily distracted, that you do not make the right decisions or that you are always late. You already have something to work on!

Take the first step to change your personality

All the things you want to change about your personality take time and effort. It’s not a ‘piece of cake’ as the popular saying goes. You also don’t have to be a different person overnight. It is about walking a difficult path, with many obstacles to overcome and situations that put you to the test.

Be patient, lean on the people who love you, don’t give up, and above all, trust your skills. This is fundamental in a business that can be very complex. It will lead to tears, anger and disappointment. But you have already started a path to transformation, victory and transcendence.

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