Being Shy Has Two Sides

Being shy has two sides

Being shy doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you at all, nor does it imply that you have any extra virtue. It is simply a character trait that depends on a person’s temperament and the experiences he has had. Despite this, many see shyness as a problem that we must eradicate completely, with no alternative. But shyness has two sides, a positive and a negative side.

Indeed, shy people have to deal with different limits in social situations. It is not easy for these people to break the ice and start a conversation with someone, nor do they like to talk about themselves, as this can negatively affect their relationship with others.

Shyness usually stems from a lack of self-confidence, from a feeling of not being worthy of the attention or sight of others, or a feeling that you are not worthy of being recognized. So shy people are often ashamed of themselves and value the opinions of others far too much.

However, this does not necessarily mean that shy people are doomed to fail. The fact that social situations don’t go well for them has almost nothing to do with what they can achieve intellectually, professionally, or emotionally. At times, being shy can even be beneficial. If you don’t believe this, take inspiration from several people from history who accomplished great things despite their shyness.

Being shy: a trait of great personalities

Agatha Christie, the well-known author of several mystery novels, is said to have once found herself in a very unpleasant situation due to her shyness. In 1958, Agatha was getting ready for a party held in her honor at the famous Savoy Hotel in London. When she arrived at the hotel, the doorman did not recognize her and therefore did not want to let her in.

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Feeling unable to contradict the disoriented doorman, she turned and sat down in the lobby without uttering a word. From the lobby, she listened to the party being held in her honor. Agatha was then already 67 years old and had already written more than 60 novels that were read all over the world.

Charles Darwin, stood trembling on his legs like a leaf on a tree in strong winds when he had to speak in public. He did not feel at all capable of standing in front of a large audience. English actor Dick Bogarde even vomited once before he had to go on stage. On the stage itself, he sparkled, but before he had to face the audience, he was very shy.

Shyness, introversion, and tragedies

You have shy people and you have shy people. Some people take their shyness to extremes. For example, Dr. Henry Heimlich, who developed a method to save a person’s life when this person chokes on something, said that there are even people who die as a result of their shyness. When they feel they are choking, they would rather choose to step out of the crowd than embarrass themselves and start coughing and drawing too much attention.

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It is sometimes thought that being shy is the same as introversion, but this is not always the case. An introverted person simply likes solitude and is not very comfortable in social situations. But at the same time, he doesn’t care too much about the opinions of others, nor is he afraid to express his own opinion.

A shy person, on the other hand, is extremely nervous and would often like to be a little more exuberant, but just can’t bring it up. These people are so ashamed of themselves that they assume that anything they do or say in front of others is just plain boring and stupid.

The benefits of being shy

However, shyness does not always have to lead to a tragedy, in many cases it can also serve as a defense mechanism. In nature, it is the most daring and brutal animals that catch the best prey and have the best mates, but they are also the animals that die the fastest and suffer the worst wounds throughout their lives.

A shy person feels obliged to develop talents that can compensate for his lack of social skills. For example, these are often people who keep repeating the things they have said and heard over and over in their heads. As a result, they generally have a much better memory and linguistic ability than others, although they often express this ability better in writing than by speaking.

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A shy person is also one who is able to do everything he does very organized and with much more concentration than others. These people are so insecure about the outcome of their actions and their undertakings that they always plan everything completely first with great care. That is why it is often the case that these people are very good at performing tasks that do not have a time limit or deadline.

Improve your memory and concentration

Of course, if someone’s shyness is very limiting to him, then this cannot be seen as an advantage. In such situations, there is only unnecessary suffering caused by a social phobia. There are plenty of effective treatments for overcoming your shyness that are worth exploring if your shyness equates to unhappiness.

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