Beat The Fear That Keeps You From Trying New Things

Beat the fear that keeps you from trying new things

It often happens that changes scare us. This is because we move from a situation of balance and control to a whole new situation, spurred on by new things. Everything that is unknown and unpredictable provokes a lot of fear. Will it all go well? What will happen? Will I succeed? The fear that talks to us tries to keep us in our comfort zone. It rears its head as soon as we try new things.

We have the amazing ability to be flexible and move when faced with change. But fear is always the first to crop up.

Many people find that they get stuck at some point in their lives because they put their insecurity in charge. What they don’t know is that this feeling will pass, it won’t last forever. We are talking about a sensation of discomfort that prepares you for change, a step towards the opportunity to grow. For, while things that are different scare us, they also give us the spark of illusion, curiosity, and intrigue about things to come.

Turn your fear into motivation

Every time something scares us, we either take a few steps back or stand still. Maybe this is learned behavior. But we could also do the opposite. Does that sound like sheer madness to you? Maybe it is. But what we know for sure is that fear will be the best motivation you can find to push yourself and take big steps forward. It is an emotion and therefore it is energy. From this point on, you decide where to invest it.

I encourage you to mentally return to the past, to one of those moments when you had no choice and had to do something that you were afraid of. It could be that moment when you were terrified to present your project in front of a lot of people. You had no other choice. How did you deal with the fear then? You accepted it and set aside all shame, doubt, worry and hesitation to do what you feared. When you feel so much fear and have no choice but to endure it, you start using it to your advantage.

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The attitude of a winner

Such an attitude will make you solve your problems in a different way. Because everyone finds it exhausting to deal with problems and obstacles. Stones in our path cause setbacks to our goals and progress. But you’re focusing way too much energy on those setbacks, making them way too important.

The negative things in life are always important. So important that they are able to push the good stuff into the background.

What does that mean for the value of everything we have achieved so far? At what point did you stop visualizing your goal? Every problem blinds us, provokes frustration and doubt, and in some cases makes you go back into the past. If you focus on the present and appreciate all the good things you have accomplished thus far, you will create full consciousness. This will make you see your mistakes as opportunities.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Leave behind what has happened, leave your thoughts about the future. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and it deserves importance. Focus on the present and make the most of it. Remember as if there is no tomorrow, that today is your only chance to give it your all. If you get stuck in your fears and doubts, this day will be a waste.

You are the one responsible for the life you have, so don’t put yourself in the position of victim. If you don’t have faith in the process, you won’t get where you want to be. Trying new things can be scary as we often want to run away. We are not realistic. We don’t look at how much work it will require, all the effort we have to put in. Our expectations turn against us when we set out on our new path.

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Make sure your goals are achievable

Before embarking on something new, make sure it is feasible. That way you don’t have to deal with losing the hope you had. After that, always keep your head up. Sometimes it will leave you, so you have to keep your eyes on the prize. That’s the only thing that will keep you motivated.

Remember that today is the only day that counts. You won’t get another chance. What you do today will shape the future. That comfort zone, those fears, those doubts, all that shame will do nothing for you unless you confront them. They are only useful if you overcome them, because they only exist so that you can start something new right away.

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