Accepting Your Body Is Not Easy

Accepting your body is not easy

Every society has its own standards of physical beauty. A journey through history and around the world proves that ‘beauty’ is an ever-changing concept. For some groups in certain places and times, there is nothing more attractive than a big, full person. It reflects opulence and strength. Still others see beauty in disfigured faces or visible scars on the skin. If beauty is so subjective, why is accepting your body such a big problem in today’s society?

In the West we are currently completely under the spell of ‘commercial beauty’. Do you want a beautiful face, a beautiful body? Surely there is a product to achieve it. Of course this costs money. Attraction can be bought and sold. Behind this lie enormous economic interests.

This situation is quite disturbing. Many men and women around the world blindly accept and internalize these ideas. They either forget or they don’t know they are being manipulated. Don’t they know that they make a handful of people filthy rich? Meanwhile, they learn to judge their bodies harshly. That they should not forgive that little bit of fat and that they should feel that they are worthless if they do not live up to the imposed idea of ​​beauty. The pressure from the media is intense, but the most intelligent thing is to resist. Here’s some advice on how to get out of this toxic situation.

Learn to read the messages the media broadcasts about the body

There is one thing you can be sure of – the models you see in the media are not real. Most people in commercials are not born that way. They spend way too much time in the gym or undergoing surgery to get their perfect bodies. Photoshopping also helps, of course. You are probably looking at a combination of all these things.

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The ‘perfect size’ is determined by the advertising world and by people who sell beauty. Why are bodies with certain characteristics ‘perfect’ and other bodies not? Because those who sell creams and surgery and beauty products impose these ideas. The harder it is to achieve the “perfect” body, the more products they sell. If the ideal body was easy to achieve, if accepting your body was the norm, these companies would go out of business.

Maybe you also have your own ideas about beauty and you only like certain bodies and faces. Nevertheless, you must be aware that you have been trained to think that way. It might be a good idea to protect yourself from these malicious messages. Do not expose yourself to the media without the right deterrents.

Think about why accepting your body is so hard

You may have noticed that not many people feel really happy with their bodies. Not even the models you see in all the commercials. Most people have something to complain about their bodies. Some want to be taller, others want to be shorter. People with curly hair want straight hair and vice versa. People with big butts try to make them smaller, and people with small butts try to make them bigger. It’s incredibly normal to be unhappy with your body. Accepting your body as it is is very rare.

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At the same time, many people are very critical of the physical appearance of others. We see this a lot in women. They judge each other’s bodies and looks without permission to do so. They evaluate each other. ‘You would look good if you lost a few kilos’, ‘Your hair looked better before you cut it’. There’s always a professional critic making comments, and secretly they don’t even want you to look better. They’re just trying to make themselves feel better by pointing out someone else’s flaws.

It is therefore possible that the inability to accept your body is hiding an even deeper dissatisfaction with yourself or someone close to you. You may feel that you are not worth enough. You may think that being beautiful on the outside will translate into more self-love. Or maybe there are relationships in your life that aren’t based on honesty and sincerity. It is much easier to accept yourself when those around you accept you as you are.

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Taking good care of your body is important. You have to make sure that it is healthy and can perform all its vital functions. It is also important that you look the way you want to look, you have this right. But no one is worth more or less because of his body, that’s for sure. No one is happier or more balanced because they look like someone in a magazine. You may think it is, but it isn’t. Nothing really important in life can be achieved just by having a beautiful body. Accepting your body means accepting who you are. 

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