A Tribute To Great Grandparents

Modern grandparents are wonderful, essential and irreplaceable  in the lives of the youngest members of the family, a family they have created with great difficulty. They are the index finger pointing to the horizon so that their offspring will not miss the little things in life. Therefore, this article is a tribute to these great grandparents.

For many people, the moment they have a grandfather or grandmother is a very important stage in life, and their grandchildren are very important to them. This is a new relationship that boosts their physical, psychological and social well-being. Somehow this new life also involves a kind of rebirth of their own life.

Grandparents often give their grandchildren an infinite amount of long-lasting gifts: love, values, experiences, secrets, friendship, companionship, and all kinds of love and entertainment. It is almost as if they can become immortal through their grandchildren because  the things they impart to them will remain in the world even after they are gone.

Drawing Of A Baby In The Hands Of An Adult

Modern Grandparents

We live in a time when  the role of grandparents has grown and has more influence on the education of the newest members of the family. Increasing life expectancy and the advancement of society has taken the current role of grandparents out of their traditional role.

Society has changed. There is no longer one kind of family, there are many and you can find young grandparents who are full of energy, who play sports, who play in the park and who love shopping and traveling. New grandparents come into their grandchildren’s lives revitalized, and have so much to give.

They are worthy of this tribute because, while the  modern world has so much to offer that fascinates children,  children also admire their grandparents, who have old telephones and huge picture tubes that they can fall asleep to after dinner (cuddling, of course). These amazing grandparents are heroes who have adapted to the modern world without being a digital native themselves.

A Grandma With Her Grandchild Looking At The Moon Together

A relationship that is mutually beneficial

Both grandchildren and grandparents greatly benefit from the time they spend together. The child is enchanted by the image of his grandparents and the grandparents feel equally special in the company of these little people who have so much energy and curiosity to discover the world around them.

Grandparents are a fundamental part of raising the little ones. They are able to develop secure emotional bonds with them without the responsibility of an educator. They don’t have to set rules, they just have to make sure they are followed in some cases. They can simply enjoy the here and now without having to constantly think about their actions in the parenting process.

And for grandchildren, grandparents are their partners in crime in the discoveries they make every day. But above all, they are the ones who make magic a reality. For example, grandparents prepare delicious meals, take their grandchildren to new places, know all the animal sounds (even those that don’t exist), heal injuries and always have a chocolate or licorice with them. But what makes grandparents truly irresistible is that they have plenty of quality time to share.

They mysteriously know how to fix every imperfection, cut their nails without it hurting and cook without vapor ever leaving the pan. They chase away the ogre and any other mythical animal that threatens to enter the house and disturb the child in his sleep.

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True and unconditional love

For all those wonderful grandparents: I want to tell you that I see you when you walk by with your grandchildren, when you take care of them, when you make food for the whole family while also taking a picture of the smiling little ones and sending it to their mom or dad so you can be sure they are reassured at the end of the day. That is certainly excellent ‘grandparenting’.

And if you stop and think about it for a moment, you will see that there is probably no form of unconditional love  as pure as a grandparent’s love because they are so incredibly happy. Lucky because they have the assurance that their own children now feel the same for their little adventurers as they did when they were just ‘parents’.

For all those grandparents in the world, remain those wonderful grandparents that you are, for  the marks you leave on your grandchildren are indelible. Every day is filled with essential memories stored in your grandchildren’s memories and later in life these memories will be a refuge for them when they need warmth. Because there’s nothing like the warmth of a grandparent.

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