A Hug Is A Love Poem Written On The Skin

A hug is a love poem written on the skin

A hug is like a love poem written on the skin, breaking all our fears and isolating all our sorrows. It may seem like a small gesture, but on an emotional level it has amazing healing power.

In general , a hug serves to affirm our feelings and nurture our relationships, making us feel wanted and loved in our most vital space. And this feeling of being loved is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us.


There are hugs that make us whole again

There are hugs that put all our broken pieces back together. Pieces that broke when certain events tore us apart and destroyed our souls.

After a farewell and a breakup, we must meet again, re-establish our priorities, resuscitate the part of us that died, and begin anew weaving the fabric that makes up our destiny.

So when our walls collapse and our lives crumble, hugs compose melodies that show us that all will be well and that the world will remain calm if we accept these love notes in the form of hugs filled with moments of silence.


Hugs are moments that invite us to be part of a fulfilled dream

Hugs are part of moments when happiness finds us in the form of comforting warmth from another person. Hugs are sometimes much more important than words; they have the ability to rejuvenate our dreams and our zest for life.

The poems we are talking about are not written directly on the skin, but are tattooed on the inside with the ink of all those hormones that strengthen our bonds, that make our hearts pump blood, that fill us with purity, love and reassurance. . Hugs are especially meaningful when we experience stress or when difficulties in life reduce our desire and strength.

Hugging Couple

A dose of affection, the cause of our addiction

The nice feeling we experience when we are the “victim” of a hug will always make us long for more. So we drug ourselves by taking a magical shot of life and love that takes us beyond uncertainty and suffering to a place of fresh air, where we can revitalize body and mind.

And the people who hug us… These people will always be synonymous with home. As soon as they treat a wound, they immediately open their medicine cabinet, they get gauzes and plasters from everywhere and do not save on painkillers.

Because when hugs are genuine, they indicate more than temporary feelings. They reform and heal wounds for life, fading the cold and condensing the warmth of love between two people who love each other and are always ready to bind their hearts and confront life together.

 I want a hug strong enough to break my fears

A hug that comes unsolicited, that overtakes us and envelops us, has enormous healing powers. People are…  More »

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