5 Unhealthy Acts According To Eastern Philosophy

5 Unhealthy Acts According to Eastern Philosophy

Just about every culture in the world with some knowledge of health science agrees that  illness and health are related to one’s lifestyle. More specifically (and in reference to this article), there is a link between what you eat and how you use your energy. This is a fundamental part of Eastern health theory. This one goes very deeply into unhealthy actions.

Unhealthy Acts Between Mind and Body

Even though we often talk about the mind and the body as if they were two separate things,  we all know that the two are one. What damages your mind will also affect your body. Likewise, if something damages your body, it can also have a negative effect on your mind.

Your lifestyle is almost entirely dependent on your mind. Everyone decides independently whether they want to maintain certain habits or not. Such a lifestyle can therefore both keep your body afloat and break it down. This is a clear example of the connection between your mind and your body.

According to many Eastern philosophies, the actions listed below are the five most unhealthy. In other words, these are wrong choices that will eventually damage your body.

1. Eating unhealthy food

Self-knowledge is a much-discussed topic, but many people only see it as something to do with your internal world. The idea is that “knowing yourself” only means being able to pinpoint your personality traits and predict your behavior. However, most people forget that self-knowledge also has a lot to do with the body.

unhealthy actions

Every society has its own eating habits. These are often based on what kind of food is most available. However, diet is also something personal. Everyone has their own nutritional needs.

Unfortunately, many people forget this. Instead of developing their own eating habits based on the needs of their bodies, they adopt other people’s habits. In this way, a person’s diet can easily become one of the unhealthy actions.

2. Using more energy than you take in

This has to do with the previous point in a way. How often and how much you eat is very dependent on how you live your life. More specifically, your intake has to do with how you use your energy.

Eastern philosophy tells us that consuming more energy than you take in is also one of the unhealthy actions. You can already see this in our first meal of the day. Many people are very busy in the morning and so skip breakfast. 

This can have a strong impact on your body — and therefore on your mind. After all, you need nutrients to be able to concentrate and to think clearly.

3. Adding Too Much Bitter Food to Your Diet

“Bitter” is one of the five basic tastes. Not everyone likes it. Many people are even disgusted by it. In addition, many medications have a bitter aftertaste, which of course does not promote the popularity of the taste. Eastern philosophy goes a step further by emphasizing that bitter substances cause a kind of toxic addiction.


However, Eastern health theory also informs us that bitter food stimulates digestion. Therefore, it should be part of all diets. However, when consumed in excess, bitter food could also lead to problems such as nervousness, anxiety and kidney problems.

4. Not staying at the right temperature

Eastern thinkers saw body temperature as a very important part of our health. A good body temperature is a sign of a healthy body. Some foods cool your body, others warm it up. In general, raw food would cool you down and cooked food would warm your body.

When nervous, the body seems to cool itself down.  This can make you feel weaker, more nervous, and even more restless. On the other hand,  the body warms itself up when anger arises. For example, according to Eastern medicine, a person can be calmed down by serving him certain food.

5. Eating or Drinking Too Much

This is of course the opposite of point 2. Here we discussed the use of more energy than you take in. In this case, you have more energy than you use. This also falls under the unhealthy actions. Ultimately, any kind of excess will have a negative effect on your mind and body.

Drinking woman with landscape

Eastern thinkers said that when a person eats or drinks too much, they have not taken in all the necessary nutrients. Therefore, their hunger pangs do not go away, so they continuously try to satisfy them by eating more and more. So the solution lies in finding out which nutrient you are deficient in in your diet.

Like Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, Eastern thinkers said that health was mainly about your diet. By being aware of this and acting on it, you can give yourself a balanced and healthier life. 

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