3 Revolutionary Books That Will Make You Doubt Everything

3 revolutionary books that will make you doubt everything

In a few sentences, Michel Houellebecq expertly explained what life would be like without books: “Having nothing to read is dangerous: you have to satisfy yourself with life itself and that can lead to taking risks”. Read on to see the list of revolutionary books that might make you think about your future. Are you ready for it?

Reading is a wonderful activity and a great leisure activity. It is good to get children into the habit of reading so that from then on they will discover new worlds full of fantasy, humor and happiness. Reading also trains and awakens the mind and is a great source of knowledge.

Every reader reaches a point where he is tempted to evolve and move on. Have you ever searched for more than one book, movie or magazine to enjoy at the same time? Have you ever read a book, seen a movie, or artwork that turned everything you believed in upside down?

Revolutionary books throughout history

Many books have been written throughout history that have broken molds and conventions. Whether it was the time in which they were written, the context of the book, or the language used in them, these books received a lot of censorship and misconception.

An Open Book With Glasses On It That Is One Of The Revolutionary Books That Make Us Question Everything

Think controversial books like  The Prince  by Niccolò Machiavelli,  The Origin of Species  by Charles Darwin,  The Communist Manifesto  by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, or  The Decameron  by Giovanni Boccaccio.

These few books are just the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately  , there are still plenty of writers today who can take us out of our hypnosis. These authors hit us hard enough to question our own lives. Below we take a closer look at the books some of these authors have written.

Submission  by Michel Houellebecq

We started this article by referring to the controversial poet and writer  Michel Houellebecq, so it seems logical to start this list with his latest work,  Submission. This is a difficult story that has been wrongly misinterpreted by readers and non-readers alike.

Houellebecq delves deep into the story of a moderate Islamist party in a tired and wealthy society in France. Many people have read it as a story against Muslims and their customs.

But  the author only uses the idea of ​​a small party coming to power as a way of talking about a lethargic and bourgeois society. Houellebecq depicts in a delicate and almost sad way a town that seems to be losing its grip. People accept everything that happens without the slightest hint of reflection or critical thinking. Is this a portrait of modern European apathy? I would say yes.

The Big Short  by Michael Lewis

Now let’s talk about  The Big Short,  another modern and controversial story. Through a series of real-life characters who went against the grain of the world and the stock market,  Michael Lewis depicts a greedy society that yearns for uncontrollable power.

Man Who Takes All Money Out of His Blouse

In reality, the 2008 stock market crash, which destroyed the lives of so many people around the world, is just an excuse. With his powerful prose and cynical tone,  Lewis portrays the characters with such a brutal eagerness for money that they completely forget the importance of having values.

The saddest part of  The Big Short  is that Lewis himself doesn’t bet on humanity. The ending teaches us that the more time that passes, the more people will take advantage of the rest, while the world just keeps spinning.

Persepolis  by Marjane Satrapic

We will end our controversial trilogy with a graphic novella by Marjane Satrapi called  Persepolis. In the pages of this autobiography  , she tells of the misadventures of Iran, where the most reactionary type of Islam has forcibly invaded society.

Satrapi tells her own heroic story of how she left a country where a coup “supposedly carried out by the US secret services” ended legitimate government of the people. After that  , the nation is in outrage, creating the ideal situation for religious radicalism.

As you can see,  revolutionary books are a perfect way to create awareness or awareness. If you want to take a look at these books, take this article as an invitation, because I guarantee you won’t regret it. From the moment you open the first book to the moment you close the last, you will become a completely different person. 

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